Since 2006, Revive was founded with the mantra that true beauty is more than just skin deep. We specialized in Manual Lymphatic Drainage treatments, which would make one’s lymphatic system even more efficient and effective at clearing toxins in our body. While the effectiveness of our treatments was recognized by numerous local aesthetic surgeons and our customers, we knew that the extent of such treatments were limited, due to the hectic lifestyles of Singaporeans. We also knew that the health of one’s lymphatic system was important enough to warrant constant attention, rather than it being only an occasional afterthought. With this brief, we set out to develop products that is suitable for your daily life.


Ever since our inception in 2006,our focus on improving the body’s lymphatic system led to proven results that have won over more than 35,000 loyal customers.We have also been recommended by cosmetic surgeons and doctors from all across Asia for patients who seek help with aiding recovery after surgeries. Our meteoric rise through the wellness scene did not go unnoticed by various local and international health and beauty magazines, who affirmed our reputation by awarding us many prestigious awards over the years. In 2015, we also received the highly-coveted SME Asia Award for our service and products.

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