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Join the journey of Revive where we brings you a range of products from Activewear to UPF Protection Gears. All that you will need, to stay in shape while having fun!

Full Knee Protection Gear

A newly developed gear - Revive™ Professional Knee Compression Brace. A brace to help improving the movement of the knee during prolonged sporting activities through gentle yet beneficial compression and protects against overloading. Suitable for all ages.


Revive uses Cutting Edge Technology to support the efficiency of Natural Science in total health and wellness. We uses only Natural Science materials to compliments total health and wellness that fits best for our body and mind. Body Engineering (with graduated compression) provides better support for healthier muscles, bone and lymph flows to reduce water retention and flushes body toxins to boost immune system and circulation, achieving the ideology of staying in shape safely while having fun!

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