An All-Rounded Support, Targeting All Knee Related Pain

A Full Patella and Meniscus Protection for your knees! Provides instant support and pain relief for short-term and long-term knee injuries.

Your Professional Knee Care Expert

Revive™ Professional Knee Compression Brace helps improving the movement of the knee during prolonged sporting activities through gentle yet beneficial compression and protects against overloading. Overloading pain subsides more quickly, preventing damaging relief postures.

Targets Common Knee Pain and Injuries Effectively

Developed with built-in soft knee cap gel pad and sides spring support that enhances the functionality of the brace by capturing and dispersing pressure peaks which provides effective protection against stress and injury risks through daily activities to strenuous sports.


Knee Cap Injury


Lateral Knee Pain


Thigh Muscle Aches

Cartilage Wear & Tear 专门针对关节疼痛

A great support for the folks! Effectively relief pain caused by Arthritis & Osteoarthritis, reduces pressures on the knee. 有效保护膝盖、迅速减缓疼痛以及日常生活的不适

Promoted Injury Recovery 针对运动损伤

Promotes Meniscus/ Lateral Tear recovery, relieving Patella pain & other sports related Injuries, allowing you to enjoy your favourite sports again!

The Brace's Key Features


Flexible Plastic & Metal Spring

This flexible spring contours to your knee's movement, allowing effective and strong support, greatly reduces pressures to your Lateral Collateral Ligaments.


Anti-Slip Silicone Wave Band

Our all-round double silicone wave bands provide strong and firm grip for the brace, maximising comfort and secured wearing throughout your daily activities.


Soft Knee Cushion Gel Pad

An extra boost of protection for your knees. This anatomically contoured gel pad helps to reduce friction caused on your meniscus by dispersing pressures on your Patella.

What's MY Size?

We provide measurements for accurate size selection. Simply follow the guide provided in the link below!

Looking for a Basic Support? We got you covered.

Basic Design, Excellent Coverage

A simplified version for those who needs coverage and protection under clothing! Our Revive Knee Compression Sleeve provides 360 degree compression with moderate join support, improves muscle control and stimulates blood circulation for endurance and recovery! Developed for all ages.