Science Behind Our 3-Dimensional Slimming Leggings/Shorts

3D Weaving Technique

Double stitching compressive weaving design to perfecting your figure. Combat many ailments such as varicose veins, water retention and preventing muscle soreness.

Infused Aloe Vera Extract

and eucalyptus extract. The fabric features beauty benefits by the plant natural medicinal properties, such as keeping skin smooth, whitening, moisturizing, sun protection, anti-bacterial and many more...

Tuck In Your Tummy

Say goodbye to muffin top and hello to a smooth, flat stomach. The high waist waistband with tummy control comfortably hugs everything in for that sexy hourglass shape, give you a streamlined look.

Hides Unsightly Bulges

360 degree of moderate to high compression targets different areas that most likely to create uneven bulges due to deposited fats, with maximum comfort for daily wear.


Fat Burning Made Easy!

Get Active with Revive

Cater for all types of activities, get in shape more effectively.

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