Science Behind 3-Dimensional High Waist Leggings & Shorts

Comfortable yet sexy look – Say goodbye to muffin top and hello to a smooth, flat stomach. The high waist waistband with tummy control comfortably hugs everything in for that sexy hourglass shape, give you a streamlined look. Perfect for yoga, exercise, cycling, running, marathons, fitness, any type of workout or just casual everyday use. Great looks with no camel toe, you will love it! :)

3-Dimensional Weaving

Revive 3-D double stitching compressive weaving design not just in perfecting your figure. Also to combat many ailments such as varicose veins, water retention and preventing muscle soreness. Strong elasticity and provides 360 degree firmness ensuring maximum comfort for daily wear.

The fabric features beauty benefits made possible by the plant natural medicinal properties, such as keeping skin smooth, whitening, moisturizing, sun protection,anti-bacterial and many more...

Far Infrared rays penetrates deep into the skin tissue, stimulates water molecules to push our toxins stored in fats cells, improving blood circulation and metabolic function.

Infused aloe vera and eucalyptus extract into the fabrics.

Micoencapsulation Technology

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Care and Maintenance

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