UPF 50+ Ice Silk Hoodie

Ultimate Sun Protection with Instant Coolness Breathable Fabric | Soft on Skin | Stretchable Fit

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Durable & High Sweat Absorbency

Dri-fit, ice silk material that keeps you dry and cooling all day long. Tumble-dry friendly too!


Relief Heat Fast and Effectively

Decrease body temperature of up to 5 degree celsius instantly.


Soft and Breathable

High air permeability. Made of 91.6% Ice Silk and 8.4% Spandex.

One Hoodie for ALL

The only sun protection hoodie you will need for any outdoor activities.

Are You Afraid of the Sun?

A UPF of 50 simply blocks out 98% of UV Rays when worn, and provides both UVA and UVB Protection.

That's A Great Stretch!

Our Suntop Hoodie contains spandex that allows ZERO Restrictions to your body movements!

Looks Good, Feels Good!

Not only protects you against the sun. Check out the sleek and simple design that's oh-so-stylish!

Grab Your Buddy

Enjoy the sun with your BFF today! Workout or simply have fun at the beach in our hoodie prevents you from getting sunburns effectively! Free Size Fits: 45-65KG XL Size Fits: 65-80KG

A Complimentary Sun Protection Gear - Ice Sleeves

Are your arms often exposed to the sun? This is exactly what you need!

UPF50+ Ice Silk Arm Sleeves

Unisex arm sleeves with ultra high elasticity and quick drying, breathable material that is not sultry. Available in: Charcoal Black / Grey Blue / Pure White / Cool Grey

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Perfect Sun Shield for Your Arms (in Cool Grey)


Great Stretch & Breathable (in Pure White)


Suitable for All Outdoor Activities (in Charcoal Black)

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