Revive - Wellness Series

Accessories to relieve muscle aches, speeds up sports injury recovery, soothes joint pain and more! Your daily companion and necessity.

Ankle Compression Support Brace

Moderate to High compression pressure. Its shape-to-fit design that gives a non-binding fit that boosts venous-flow and support foot structure with smooth and flat closure.

Unisex Design, Free Size

A boost to your venous-flow and supports foot structure with smooth and flat closure. One size fits all!

Great for Injury Recovery

Achilles tendon support, plantar fasciitis foot socks with arch support to ease swelling.

Other Revive - Wellness Accessories

Adjustable V-Face Shaper

Double chin reducer that improves facial contours at any time! A V-Line lifter and shaper that eliminates sagging skin, reduces water retention to enhance skin elasticity, achieving face slimming effect!

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Adjustable Velcro Fastening

Adjust the shaper to your utmost comfort. Lightens facial veins, enhance skin elasticity ad rebuild skin collagen. Minimum 30-40 minutes of daily use recommended!


Suitable for Anyone Who Wants a V-Face!

Works by tightening cheek muscles and is highly effective against gravity to eliminate double chin. Material is washable and reusable.

Anti-Slip Indoor Socks

Anti-Bacterial, high sweat absorbency, keeps feet warm and is full of tiny round silicon bumps on the sole that provides strong grip. Great for yoga, pilates, gym, home workout, dancing or simply wear for comfort!

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Breathable and Soft on Skin

Wear it by itself for any indoor activities such as dancing, exercising, yoga, and etc.


Unisex Design, One Size Fits All

Recommended for both men and women, fits shoes size between EU 34-40.

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